RSAA membership is for 12 months, beginning on 1 July each year. Cost is $35 for one year or $90 for 3 years, be it for membership by a family, organisation or an individual.

The Association endeavors to support both those who have Rett syndrome and those persons who are directly involved with them by;

  • Collecting and sharing information.
  • Assisting, where possible, those involved in Australian studies
  • Organising gatherings of Rett syndrome families across Australia
  • Facilitating/managing conferences/workshops in Australia
  • Promoting community awareness
  • Attending Australian and overseas conferences
  • Liaising with overseas Rett syndrome Associations
  • Building relationships with researchers whether they work in Australia or overseas
  • Promoting Australia as a location for drug trials, assist with the organisation of such and facilitate the participation in them by families
  • Promoting the discounts to members attending RSAA organised conferences and/or purchasing Association merchandise.

A membership form for 2020/21 can be obtained by clicking on the following link RSAA Membership Form 2020/21 Once completed, please RETURN it to RSAA, either by post (to the address on the form) or an email to


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