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Rett Syndrome is a rare condition and finding a cure will need lots of funds.


Everyday Hero: Lots of opportunities for group or solo fun activities to raise money. Please click here to be taken to the Everyday Hero page.

Bingo Image

Bingo Night: Take turns at Bingo Caller and award a prize for the funniest caller.

Blingo Night: Bingo night with lots of glamour and way too much jewellery.

Head Shave: “I’ll go bald if we can get $….. in donations”.

Charity Walks: In high heels, in the bush, in the moonlight or in a special place.


Office: Best/Worse Tie competition, Baby Photo competition – “is that really you?”, Melbourne Cup Sweep.

Fun Run Sponsorship: City to Surf.

Company Donation: In cash or in kind.

Corporate Golf Day: A day off work, playing golf and raising lots of money!

Trivia Night: Impress your friends with your vast knowledge, useful as well as useless, and raise money.

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