Overseas conference representation during 2016 and 2017 – Members of the RSAA Committee attended Rett syndrome conferences in Russia, New Zealand, Austria and Germany

Posted by Bill Callaghan in News 09 Nov 2016

RSAA was represented at the May World Congress in Kazan, Russia, by its Vice-President Claude Buda and Committee member Tony Cagliuso. Both are fathers who have a daughter with Rett syndrome, Annelise Buda was 6 years old at that time while Raquelle Cagliuso was 23 years of age.                         

Tony can be seen below nursing a Russian Rett syndrome child, in the company of Kathy Hunter (USA) and Claude. Tony, Kathy and Claude

The Committee’s Sue Hallenstein went to Auckland, also in May, for RettNZ’s bi-annual conference and RSAA President Bill Callaghan travelled to Vienna in September for the RTT 50.1 conference which was being staged to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Rett syndrome by Dr Andreas Rett. Bill is pictured below talking with Barbara Rett, Andreas’ daughter, during the conference dinner.


The reasons for RSAA attending the above events are multiple, namely, to learn, to network, to raise awareness of RSAA and of Rett syndrome in Australia, and to inform.  

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