1. Go to the website’s home page

Demo Website for our Reference: https://rettaustralia.org.au


2. SIGNUP PROCESS ($30AUD is required. All Fees will proceed to Donate for the Organization)

– Click “Membership” button icon (placed at the top right of the website)

This link will redirect the user to the Accounts Page where LOGIN form and REGISTRATION link is present.

Fill-out the Registration Fields on the form. Fields with ” * ” (asterisk) are mandatory to fill-out.

– Click Register and Pay the Registration fee via Paypal

Note: The Websites Admin will send email to the user for the account activation to have full access on all pages of the website.


Shortcode to put for restriction:

Put the follow content inside brackets “[ ]”

For starting code: “um_show_content roles=’member’
For ending code: “/um_show_content

– if guest user, no content will be displayed.
– if member and logged in, content will be displayed.


Click Cart and check the “Rett Polo Shirt” price
– Guest Users price is $50
– All Members price is $12





S: We remove the Latest Events on MENU Fields such as “Conference” and “AGM 2017” and place it inside the EVENTS Page. This will help users to check on other events (Latest and Previous Events).


S: We added the FUNDRAISE Link Button which will redirect to MYCAUSE CHARITY for RSAA INC. (this will help everyone to have direct link to the page)

Also added Direct Link on Donation Page:



S: Did not put Drop Down Menu/Sub-Menu on the MENU BUTTONS on Header. Users should Click the MENU to redirect him in a Page where all Sub-Categories are listed. This will help us to avoid conflicts on the layout IF we will add more sub-categories (in the future).

Current Design:


Suggested Design:


C: We only have the FACEBOOK Group for our Social Networks? (https://www.facebook.com/groups/15688775612/)


Q: Do we have tax for our products? If we do, how much GST?


Q: What Shipping Method/Process we will use?

Pickup? Delivery? Do we deliver outside Australia?


Q: Once the user sign-up and his payment for $30 (AUD) has been processed, his account is not yet active unless the admin of the website will activated his account. Who will be the admin of the website to monitor all the users?


Q: Do we have URL Links to put on the following:

Check Symbol = Link is Final

Question Mark Symbol = No Link to Put on.

RETT Syndrome Association of Australia