May 2016, Brisbane – Presentations and workshops given by Susan Norwell (USA), a specialist on communication in Rett syndrome

Susan Norwell M.A. Special Education, has spent the last 27 years in private practice working primarily with children on the autism spectrum and girls who have Rett syndrome.

Her current focus is in teaching literacy skills for children with significant disabilities who are unable to speak, utilising augmentative communication and technology supports.   She is a consultant to various school districts on successful education of children with Rett syndrome and has presented workshops worldwide. She is a high-energy consultant who is known for her broad knowledge base as well as practical and creative ideas for furthering the learning of those with the most significant challenges.

Susan’s involvement with ‘Rett University’ represents a 5 year dream of being able to provide systematic training for parents and those working with individuals with Rett.  She envisions people being able to more consistently unlock potential for individuals with Rett in the future. Her visit to Australia was made possible by Equity Works and the Respite Plus Initiative, both of which are based in Queensland. 

Copies of the presentations that she made can be obtained directly from Equity Works by clicking on the following link  

Equity Works – NDIS Provider – Sunshine Coast



November 09, 2016
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