Discussion Group – What Else Affects Communication

Logo of Rett UKA talk by Tracey CampbellAbigail Davison-Hoult and Gill Townend

18 June 2021, 5:00 am AEST


About this talk

Join us for the fifth Discussion Group of 2021.

In this session we will be focussing on Kate Ahern and Judy Lariviere’s talks on the impact of emotional/behavioural and sensory issues on communication.

In their talks Kate and Judy shared their experience and expertise in recognising and helping to address the varied impacts of dyspraxia, anxiety and mood. They explored the relationship between sensory regulation, focus and engagement, and gave tips and strategies for supporting successful communication and learning. Did their ideas help you? Do you have your own tips to offer? Why not come along to this session and share your ideas and your challenges.

To watch Kate and/or Judy’s talks again, click on the Replays tab and select their talks from 18th November 2020.


June 10, 2021
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