Selected Rett syndrome studies presently in progress

Trial of the drug NNZ-2566 
The Blue Bird Circle Rett Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA

The Rett Syndrome Natural History Study
University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA

Trial of the drug Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1)
Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA

Use of eye gaze technology
Montefiore Medical Centre, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA

Research findings and projects – Multiple studies
Laboratory of Human Neurogenetics, French Institute for Health and Medical Research, Marseilles, France

A summary of a number of potential Rett syndrome treatments presently being studied
The Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) is a non-profit organisation based in the USA which identifies, solicits, evaluates, prioritises, funds and monitors ambitious research projects that it believes will have the greatest likelihood of impacting positively on the lives of Rett syndrome individuals. Since 2008, RSRT has awarded a total of US$25 million in financial support for such projects.

In an attempt to help families keep track and make sense of the numerous therapeutic approaches being studied, RSRT has prepared and placed a summary of them as at December 2014, on its website. Several have already been referred to above. The summary can be viewed by clicking on the following link comprehensive table